the time we talked about

the heart in the time we talked about the moon and our moms
the head i assume when you enter the room it’s freaky and i can’t find the light switch in ur bathroom
give me more of the blanket, i gotta lay right next to u
the walls surrounding our laminated eyes kept the winds at rest for once

my watch on my wrist

my watch on my wrist and ur hand on my waist 

my waist next to ur waist laying on the grass

my back on the grass and ur hair on the grass and our thoughts out loud 

my time of you in the time we have together

it’s nice to be hugged sometimes

good writing comes from uncomfortable situations good writing comes from times spent alone in dark hallways good writing comes from people with a change of plans good writing comes from signs on buildings good writing comes from the way you look at the sky

"this summer i’m gonna focus on music, it’s gonna be great!"

*lays in bed, realizing summer is half over*



i want to tell other peoples’ stories for a living & i’m going to school to learn how to do it in a professional, awesome & kickass way, but sometimes i wonder who’s going to tell my story?? 

I gotchu

aw thanks bae <3